RollArt Steering Committee

The NZFRS Artistic Committee have appointed an implementation group; the RollArt Steering Committee to assist in facilitating the adoption of the RollArt scoring system thrughout New Zealand:

Jenny Lupton (Team Leader)
Tony Alexander
Pam Peters
Raewyn Hailes

For expressions of interest in officiating under RollArt or further information please contact:



2020 Referee Control Sheets

JUDGES Dance & Freeskating Scoring SheetClubs are required to use the following referee control sheets for RollArt events at competitions, please email if you require any specific pairs sheets.

2020 Referee Control Sheets Free skating

2020 Referee Control Sheets Solo Dance

JUDGES Compulsory Dance Scoring Sheet

JUDGES Dance & Freeskating Scoring Sheet

For Further information about RollArt officiating and to express your interest to get involved, contact

All officials must read theĀ World Skate Code of Conduct & Code of Ethics